Adam Wilson Holmes is a UK based artist, currently residing in the Northeast of England. His body of work explores the notions of masculinity, social performance, and the concept of façade, continually citing subjects such as poverty, belief systems, toxic masculinity and mental health.

Through the mediums of sculpture, drawing, photography and performance, Wilson Holmes, creates autobiographical artworks that are sometimes intentionally misleading or ‘out of character’ of the artist; exposing the duality of perception and lived experience. This feeds into an overarching theme of self-belief, and the bargaining that queer people experience within themselves and the outside world.


The queer body: where shame and celebration simultaneously exist; reflected in a body of artwork that is equally empowering and vulnerable as it is damning.

Exhibitions and Publications

Exhibition: 'Open Call 2020' - BALTIC Gallery for Contemporary Art, December 2020


Exhibition: 'Transmission Gallery II' - Online Exhibit, September 2020

Published in: 'To Build a House that Never Ceased: Writings, Interviews, and Letters on Art', Jared Pappas Kelley, July 2020

Grant: 'Creative Space Residency' - CVAN NE, June 2020

Exhibition: 'Queer Art(ists) Now' - Archive Gallery, London - Dalston, March 2020

Exhibition: 'As Many Reps As Possible' - Naughton Gallery, Belfast, October 2019

Exhibition: 'Arcus Pride Exhibition' - Clifford Chance, London - Canary Wharf, London, July 2019

Published in: Fragile Masculinity, Matthew Dean Stewart, February 2018


Exhibition: 'Man UP' - Studio 102, Plymouth, November 2017


Exhibition: 'Cover Girl' - Quilliam Brothers, Newcastle, September 2017

Published in: Average Arts Zine issue, February 2017

Published in: Shy Bairns issue 01, January 2017

Exhibition: 'The Unmarketable Art Market' - Solo Arts, Sunderland, December 2016

Published in: Lungs Collective Project issue 01, December 2016

Publication in Collaboration with KRIS HARZINSKI: 'Air Air Portfolio', February 2016

Exhibition: 'Alpha' - Solo Arts, Sunderland, April 2015

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