Adam Wilson Holmes is a UK based artist, exploring perceptions and expectations of masculinity in western culture through a variety of forms; ranging from drawing, to sculpture and installation, performance and printmaking.

Wilson Holmes' practice embodies feminist and LGBTQ+ values; with a strong subversive intent to raise question to heteronormative masculine views. Using existing cultures and subcultures to create commentary on contemporary western social climates.

A theme in Wilson Holmes' practice is to unite opposing dynamics. Such as delicacy and sophistication, both formally and conceptually, juxtaposed with a nostalgic playfulness and innocence. 

Exhibitions and Publications


Exhibition: 'Transmission Gallery II' - Online Exhibit, September 2020

Published in: 'To Build a House that Never Ceased: Writings, Interviews, and Letters on Art', Jared Pappas Kelley, July 2020

Grant: 'Creative Space Residency' - CVAN NE, June 2020

Exhibition: 'Queer Art(ists) Now' - Archive Gallery, London - Dalston, March 2020

Exhibition: 'As Many Reps As Possible' - Naughton Gallery, Belfast, October 2019

Exhibition: 'Arcus Pride Exhibition' - Clifford Chance, London - Canary Wharf, London, July 2019

Published in: Fragile Masculinity, Matthew Dean Stewart, February 2018


Exhibition: 'Man UP' - Studio 102, Plymouth, November 2017


Exhibition: 'Cover Girl' - Quilliam Brothers, Newcastle, September 2017

Published in: Average Arts Zine issue, February 2017

Published in: Shy Bairns issue 01, January 2017

Exhibition: 'The Unmarketable Art Market' - Solo Arts, Sunderland, December 2016

Published in: Lungs Collective Project issue 01, December 2016

Publication in Collaboration with KRIS HARZINSKI: 'Air Air Portfolio', February 2016

Exhibition: 'Alpha' - Solo Arts, Sunderland, April 2015

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